'Touching the Corners: an autobiography by Rob McNamara' reprinted and available now

Touching the Corners - An autobiography by Rob McNamanra - Book CoverRob McNamara was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at age six. Although he used a wheelchair to get around and an iron lung to help him breathe, this didn’t stop him from living an ordinary life.

He studied, worked, got married, had a child and was a political activist for the rights of people with a disability. He was a passionate Collingwood supporter and went to the footy most Saturdays with his mates.  He was never solely defined by his disability.

In this book Rob writes openly about taking drugs, falling in love and having sex. It is an entertaining, funny, and at times painful story, confronting society’s assumptions about how people with disabilities should live. Ultimately it is a book about belonging, showing it is possible for people with a disability to live as they choose.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011