At FIELD We work closely with you and tailor our services to ensure you achieve your goals, whether a corporate or an individual

Our qualifications include:

Our speciality is the provision of learning and development solutions for organisations and their staff. Field will add significant value to your organisation through innovative and industry-relevant learning and development.

We work closely with you and tailor our services to ensure you achieve your corporate goals.

We provide a variety of professional development programs that will bring out the best in your senior team, managers, coordinators or those staff you believe have leadership potential.

From intensive and challenging accredited programs through to short courses, we deliver skills, expertise and impart knowledge to help organisations respond to the changes rapidly occurring across our sector.

As a leading provider of training, we are at the forefront of equipping organisations to provide top quality care delivered by qualified personal care workers with hands-on knowledge of what clients want, why they want it and how they want it.   

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) we deliver a range of Certificate Courses that will suit someone wanting to develop a career as a personal carer, or someone already within the sector who wants to learn new skills.

Field also runs a number of short courses ranging from CPR and First Aid through to how to handle difficulties in the workplace. Many of these courses are ideal for family members caring for a loved one with a disability.

So whether you are a senior manager in the community care sector, a disability support worker, an individual considering a career as a carer, or someone caring for a loved one with a disability, Field has something to offer you. 


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