Nationally Recognised Qualifications

Undertaking a nationally recognised qualification with Field delivers much more than just a piece of paper!  

Studying with Field has several major advantages. Our unique blend of knowledge based training linked strongly to hands-on experience, ensures students have a thorough understanding of real life scenarios and will be better equipped to respond effectively to an individuals’ unique personal needs.

Our qualifications include:

Students undergo quality training that is fully compliant with industry standards and regulations.

This means students are work ready and have new skills enabling them to take on additional responsibilities across the disability, home and community care, and aged care sectors at a time when securing well trained and qualified staff is at a premium.

Employers who enrol staff in an accredited course (qualification) with Field are well placed to take maximum advantage of the opportunities arising from the changes across the industry. They will gain a competitive edge and have a workforce with a skill set which is closely aligned to future requirements for service delivery.

Better trained staff will be more effective and confident when delivering quality services to clients that meet the needs of the individual. Ultimately, this will lead to improved customer satisfaction.  

As clients have more choice in deciding who provides their care and how it is delivered, staff with quality skills and the flexibility to adapt to changing needs will be in high demand, as will the organisation that employs them.  

So, in many ways, enrolling staff in accredited training with Field is an investment in your organisation’s future growth and development.

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