Short Courses

Completing a short course with Field is an excellent way for an organisation's staff to learn new practical skills. In addition, this type of study is also a valuable way to update or augment existing skills to ensure staff remain relevant, align with client needs and reflect current best practice.

Saving money and time can be important for an organisation. Studying a short course is cost effective and delivers focused outcomes while minimising time away from the workplace.

As requirements change across sectors, the importance of relevant, up to date training is more important than ever.

There is also a greater expectation that staff, such as personal carers, have a wider skills set. Some short courses can also be a valuable stepping stone to further study.

For an individual, short course are also particularly relevant for unpaid carers providing personal care and or support to a loved one who is elderly or has a disability.

Completing a relevant short course can take the worry out of care by delivering appropriate knowledge and instilling a greater sense of confidence for carers.

Our short courses take a student beyond the text books. Whether it is providing care in a person's own home, the community or in residential facilities, we provide specialised practical skills and knowledge which has relevance in a range of disability and aged care settings.

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