Transform your future with a scholarship

At our core is a passion for the inclusion of people with a disability into every part of life they choose.

Further inclusion becomes a reality as we proudly offer at least one trainee scholarship in Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) for someone with a disability each year. At graduation, this certificate enables students to become a qualified trainer in their specific field of expertise or interest.

This is an opportunity for an individual who has a disability to learn new skills, grow in confidence and ability, and ultimately secure employment as a qualified trainer.

Each year a panel combining industry professionals and people with a community focus will choose a recipient for our scholarship.

Please note every scholarship recipient must reside in Victoria and be aged 18 or over. The study takes 12 months to complete and must be undertaken through a Registered Training Organisation.

This Certificate IV is rapidly becoming a standard requirement across the human resources, and learning and development sectors. Core units covered include a range of topics to deliver a thorough knowledge of how to conduct assessments, training industry regulations and how to use a variety of training packages.

We recognise there can be major barriers preventing people with a disability from full inclusion, and community participation such as accessing study and in turn, employment. With this in mind, our scholarship includes one-on-one coaching from a highly qualified Field trainer. The trainer will act as a mentor to offer valuable support and instil confidence for a person with a disability.

How to apply

Applications for the Field scholarship will be open later in the year. 

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